Pre Order Iron On Patches that Flip from The Flag to TRUMP!

Flag to TRUMP Design - Iron On Patch - (Sew top and bottom for longevity)

Can be ironed on most apparel, comes with instructions.


Keeping this PRE-ORDER Listing Up Until all of the the Shiny Patches arrive.

SHINY with White Backing ARRIVED! (we're packing and shipping this week)

Shiny with Black Backing due to arrive 8/4/21

Matte due to arrive 8/15/21


  • Design is approx: 8"wide x 4.5"high
  • Design flips from Flag to TRUMP!!!


  • 2 Style Sequins
    • Shiny - Red, White & Blue Sequins - bright and blingy, more suitable for ladies
    • Matte -