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There are so many patriots “in the closet”.


I call My Story an “accidental focus group”.


My flip design came about because, when wearing my regular Trump shirt, so many people would quietly whisper to me that they liked him too but wouldn’t dare wear a TRUMP shirt. I thought that was crazy but then I would totally cover my shirt if I was ordering a meal because, as you know, the haters hate hard. 


I’m crafty and was always making vinyl TRUMP shirts for people but then I came across flip sequins that you could print on and came up with the design idea and knew I had to have it professionally made.


What’s so great about the design, for those in the closet, is that it’s like a crutch or a gateway to getting them to go full TRUMP or certainly more than they ever would have done because it has a “safe space” feeling and for those, out of the closet, it’s just plain FUN! 


People can wear it to work, family holidays as well as faculty or students. 

Even Eric and Lara Trump have some of my merch.


I was just a girl with a great idea…now I try to specialize in Discreet TRUMP Merchandise because when you’re a TRUMPIE, who doesn’t love the added Trigger Effect??

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